Chameleon Coating

RACE provide the knowledge and application skills of the Chameleon processes on behalf of Chameleon Products Ltd. There are 3 application processes, each having its own suit of pattern films and each having its own application method. RACE can apply all 3 processes therefore guaranteeing a match to a customer’s product should this be necessary.

Additionally this allows, through Chameleon Products, the correct process choice to be made for the particular product as some of the dipping processes are more suited to one type than the others. RACE can assist customers to prepare substrates to accept the chameleon finish and offer a finishing service. This is a particularly important area as much cost and time can be spent preparing components. RACE have a series of guides that can assist customers in this area. Please call for copies of these to be emailed.

Component Lacquering

RACE use traditional and water based lacquers and fillers to provide a variety of finishes on customer components. RACE also has experience of inlaying into the lacquer logos and pinstripes to further enhance the finish of a product. The lacquering of wood is an exact process requiring the application of fillers to effectively solidify the wood from the inside out. Several layers of filler may be necessary to prevent sinkage of the surface as time passes by. A number of lustres are possible on the final coat from a high, polished finish to a matt, soft touch feel. RACE will happily advise customers of the correct process for their components.


RACE use free issue and purchased decorative laminates to trim and recover panels and stowages for a number of customers. The trimming can involve fitting to complex shapes requiring 3 dimensional working of the laminate. A number of adhesives and processes can be used to create fairly complex final solutions.


RACE have the capability to paint almost any paint type in their state of the art Paint booth. RACE have finished objects using a number of finishes and lustres from many of the Aircraft supplier’s feeding our industry and have piloted many new products to market . RACE also appreciate that to deliver a correctly painted part in-depth discussions as to what is expected from the finish are to be undertaken to ensure success. RACE are also familiar with a number of pre-treatments necessary for successful application of paint onto various surfaces and would be happy to discuss detailed requirements with any customer.

Soft Trimming

RACE use close business partners to create soft furnishings such as curtains and seat covers as well as using our in-house capability.

RACE understand stylists requirements and implement these exacting visual specifications into all they do. RACE also class the covering of coving panels and side panels in ultra leather and other such materials as soft furnishings. This activity is carried out in-house ad great finishes can be achieved on 3 dimensional surfaces. RACE believe that our customers wish to deal with only one supplier who will take responsibility for their entire refurbishment programmes.

Wood Veneering

Veneers bring an item of aircraft furniture to life having a 3 dimensional aspect that brings a surface to life. Veneers are very personal and really hallmark items as being unique. No two veneers are the same. It is not just the wood veneering that must be accurately and permanently bonded to various substrates that makes a fine veneer, it is the understanding of the veneer when interacting with edges and furniture items that makes real wood veneers special. RACE fitters are time served woodworkers who understand the needs of a veneered product. RACE like to offer customers consultancy on how to best fit their veneers. RACE can fit veneers to many substrates provided the relative correct balancing actions are taken at the production stage to ensure that the substrate is not stressed in any way during the application. RACE also offer a matching service through an extensive chain of veneer stockists.